Solutions for Medical Device Industry



Industry Status


Medical device industry is one of the most active fields in China’s economic development. In 2015, the industry continued to develop with a 14% increase in overall sales revenue. After the Chinese government alleviated its management control over enterprises, the medical device industry experienced major enhancements. Subsequently, a group of enterprises expanded their product structures and marketing channels through innovations and capital operations. The pioneering spirit of these enterprises spearheaded the formation of a larger health industry. Medical device is an indispensable aspect of everyday life. Alongside China's rapid economic growth and hiking elderly population, the demand for medical device is increasing at an unprecedented rate, indicating great potential in the China's medical device industry.

With the progression of computer and network technology, medical information and networking will be the future trend for medical management development. Meanwhile, amid increasingly fierce market competition, the top priority for medical device enterprises is to increase industrial development and promote the construction and application of big data. Therefore, the success of medical device enterprises depends heavily on the utilization of Internet economy advantages and the application of mobile Internet+, networking, cloud computing and other new technologies.    


Challenges enterprises are facing


How should enterprises ensure standardized management of medical device?

How should enterprises reduce the operating cost in the medical device industry?

How should enterprises collaborate with salesmen, agents and suppliers based on Web?

How should enterprises efficiently and effecitvely allocate resources in the supply chain and quickly respond to the needs of patients, hospitals and agents?

How should enterprises establish a steady and rapid development?



Solution value


Client Basic Information

The system provides a variety of internal and external client management platforms, including the document management system for multi-level agents and hospital / department / physician clients. The system can compile basic client information based on brands, product lines, direct distribution channels, compartmentalization, and other facets.


Hospital Bidding Invitation Information

The system manages the product bidding results and the information regarding accepted products.  The system also contains information regarding the construction, bidding price, and calculation mechanism of different product lines

Device Organization and Maintenance

The system can manage variegated rental templates for different device, device rental and separation, and real-time inquiry of the distribution information of combined and separate device. The system can therefore achieve full-time management of a single set of device usage records, maintenance reminders, sub-parts replacement records, and other industrial aspects.


Complete Medical Operation Management

Through pre-mobile applications, supporting agents and salesmen can directly complete a remote medical operation submission. Then, the supporting agents and salesmen can transmit real-time information to the supply chain management platform, quickly assemble and dispatch products and tools to the surgical site, and give real-time feedback of the resource scheduling state. After the procedure is completed, a mobile terminal can report information regarding the operation and return unused products and tools. This will ensure accurate, timely, and shareable information and logistics flow on the supplier platform during pre-operation, intra-operation and post-operation.
Then, the system checks the cost of surgical product sales, the cost of operation tools, the traveling cost of staffs, and other supply chain service cost; thus, the system completes the cost calculations of a single operation.


Multiple Business Management Models

The system provides solutions for direct sales models, distribution models and other business models, and support for the medical operation sales models. The system also provides support for the ordering, delivering, and billing process of distribution sales models such as wholesale orders, credit control, storage sales, and customized product sales.


Multi-level Supply Management System

The system can provide the medical device industry with multi-level supply and demand structure solution. It can manage the multi-level supply system of the national warehouse, regional warehouses and city warehouses, collaborative resource allocation, and the storage confirmation and release management of terminal inventories. The system aims to achieve dispatch centralization, rapid circulation, and maximum efficiency for supply chain products and medical adevice resources.


Medical Device Manufacturing Management:

The system provides medical device products with a comprehensive solution for production data management and workshop management. It can manage multiple versions of bill of materials (BOM), product enhancement data, full-scale planning management, including master production schedule (MPS), Material Requirement Planning (MRP), and advanced planning system (APS), as well as workshop management including work orders release, inventory issue, completion and product cost accounting.


Financial Management:

The system provides billing management, cost settlement of product sales and service fees under a variety of sales models, as well as collection and payment management including product sales, device usage loss, followed desk service expenses. The financial module and business management module are tightly integrated, and has the ability to generate journal entries directly from business data.


Forecasting and budgeting
The system can use real-time surgical and product sales data to predict future product sales numbers as well as cash flows. The system can then, based on predetermined commission and accrued expenses rules; accrued expenses are collected regularly in advance.
With the management system produced by JD Edwards’ medical device industry, enterprises gain a complete and integrated solution that can help them manage a variety of business models such as direct sales models, and distribution models. It can also build a flexible supply chain management platform that fully utilizes various supply chain resources, rapidly responds to the needs of patients, hospitals and agencies, improves the overall operational efficiency and reduces operating costs, making JD Edwards the best option for many medical device producers and distribution enterprises.