Elitesland’s Solutions for Manufacturing Industry


Industry background overview


The core of industry 4.0 is the interactive platform based on internet and information technology. The integration of resource and production factors could therefore be more scientific.
The way to promote the 4th industrial revolution is to centralize the resource and production factors onto a platform based on internet and information technology, achieve the complete integration of these two factors and build the Smart Factory.

From a production viewpoint, the ‘Supply-Front Reform’ will lead to a proportion increase in the tertiary industry. Meanwhile, proportion of traditional industry in the secondary industry will decline and the proportion of emerging industry will rise. However, from an income point of view, the ‘Supply-Front Reform’ will redistribute the economic pie. Tax cuts will lead to a proportion decrease of net production tax. Accelerating depreciation and de-capacity will lead to the devaluation of fixed assets: a short term proportion increase and a long term proportion decrease. Cost-reduction and de-capacity will increase the proportion of the company operating surplus, accelerate trans-regional and trans-department labor force circulation and enhance human capital leading to the increase in workers’ compensation. 

Overall, with the promotion of ‘Supply-Front Reform’ and industry 4.0, they will be the left and right wings of the Chinese ‘Information Technology & Industrialization Integration’. Now a grand plan is in the process, and a bright future awaits!


The challenges the manufacturing industry are facing under new conditions

We have carefully read the following questions below, does your company have the similar problems?

After 10 years of development, the number of our customers doubled 20 times; however, could the management mode that was defined 10 years ago still support future development?

--------- President Cai. Metal-processing Manufacturing Group CEO


Product quality is related to the survival of enterprises. However, as we manufacture so many products every day, how do we find, track and solve product defects promptly, precisely and properly?

--------- Section manager. Xie, manufacturing department, Multinational panel processing enterprise


The blueprint information newly designed by production engineers has to be quickly reported to the production planning, manufacturing and procurement departments. If there are any tricky situations in the process, normally the entire project will be delayed.

---------Chief inspector Lu, design department, Civilian equipment manufacturing factory


Solution introduction


Elitesland provides customers with solutions covering all aspects of multi-mode manufacturing to meet the modern production patterns and the diverse demand-driven approaches and features.


The solution starts with the needs of production business, meeting 4-business service requirements including Demand Planning, Shopfloor Management, Product Data Management and Production Schedule. Combined with the advanced management philosophy and using leading technology, the solution supports reform and development in the new background environment of manufacturing enterprises.

Demand planning

To maximize customer service while minimizing costs and working capital in a demand-driven manufacturing environment. Manufacturing, production capabilities and distribution demand help to optimize the daily flow of goods from procurement and manufacturing to storing in warehouses and distribution. Thus generating detailed and complete visibility for all material and resource activities in order to ensure coherent material supplies and product demand among complex distribution network across multiple production sites. Under one demand plan, all business locations are combined with hybrid production processes.


Key word: Simplify

The demand planning module of Elitesland’s manufacturing Industry Solutions simplifies the enterprise planning process through easy combination of all enterprise locations and hybrid production processes.


The integrated manufacturing capacity planning makes sure that the enterprise has the manufacturing resources required to meet the scheduled production. Meanwhile, in order to make inventory replenishment in time, the enterprise demand planning can automatically switch to advanced demand and freight planning for supplier partners.


Solution pros

Support hybrid multi-plant enterprise environment

Elitesland’s solution for manufacturing industry demand planning enables enterprises to provide themselves with a variety of programs of which they have to choose the most efficient configuration. You can use this solution in a manufacturing plant or an enterprise who has a number of subsidiary factories. The solution also supports both mixed and hybrid manufacturing strategy including Engineer to Order(ETO), Make-to-Order(MTO), Make-to-Stock(MTS), Assemble-to-Order(ATO), Repetitive Production and cargo flow strategy.


Cost reduction and response  time improvement

Elitesland’s solution for manufacturing industry demand planning provides enterprises with realistic plans and schedules to achieve stable and steady manufacturing processes. Enterprises can reach their goal of lower production and inventory costs, while satisfying customers through on-demand services and products.


Workshop management

To create, maintain and track effort according to the management work order and detailed expense listings of demand-driven manufacturing environment. It supports detailed manufacturing accounting, product cost calculation, replacement treatment. The Scheduling Workbench monitors production scheduling and replacement treatment.

Key word: Integrated multi-mode manufacturing

Elitesland’s solution for multi-mode manufacturing—workshop management software is a mixed-mode manufacturing solution that supports a variety of different production lines, diversification of manufacturing and inventory strategy as well as manufacturing processes chosen by the enterprise.

By managing the material flow in the factory, workshop management software implements the corresponding production plans and supports inventory, cost, quality and production goals to meet various customer and market requirements.

An effective management of workshop control system can play two roles as participants and regulators between production control and workshop manufacturing. It can be effectively planned in productions whether these productions are arranged by regular work orders, by expenses and by preventive maintenance work. It can also create the required parts list and work routing. Better yet, you can facilitate the supplement of productions and components through within the factory and manual or electronic Kanban signals provided by the supplier in order to reach the goal of real-time manufacturing and lean / mixed-flow manufacturing.


Efficient management of production processes

All production activities start with creating demands or work orders from sales orders or planning systems. With an online or hard copy of the work order, you can attach parts list and process routes while ascertaining the instruction package for workshop manufacturing.

With the scheduling workbench, you can access a variety of online options when coordinating workshop production schedules, labor and materials meeting the production scheduling requirements. These options are very useful for the management of work orders.

Materials can be manually issued, pre-issued or back-flushed in the work center payment check point or when the work order is completed.


Automatic tracking and reporting

Elitesland’s manufacturing solution for Workshop Management module system uses data from the workshop to maintain and deliver labor, materials, work centers, routings, and end operational status information required by completing production requests. With the consumption of materials and labors, the system provides accurate and the newest schedule, cost, and offset information.

In addition to setting a monthly or annual manufacturing work schedule, you can also set resource units by work center for any working day, month, or year in order to further adjust the scheduling function, the capacity planning, the work efficiency and the resource usage.

The system is very flexible and can respond quickly to different tracking and reporting requirements.

With the workshop management system, you can maintain cost control, fulfil responsibility and ensure a good cash flow. Moreover, you can earn numerous benefits by coordinating various work publishment, document editing and providing accurate feedback as well as the responsibility assignment of the entire production cycle, etc.


Product Data Management(PDM)

This system is a collaboration tool for research, development, introduction and design of new products. It creates and maintains bill of materials (BOM), product specifications, resource requirements and material requirements, with careful management. Every assignment is based on a single source of information in order to significantly shorten the cycle, improve efficiency and reduce costs. The strict BOM management has improved the accuracy of inventory reports and the precision of inventory accounting, thus supporting the demand driven manufacturing and cost accounting strategy.


Solution: Single item and engineering change data source

Elitesland’s manufacturing solution—PDM provides the Item Description of “once entered, can be used everywhere” which is an information integration function. It combines discrete, process and repetitive production information under multi-mode manufacturing environment. For hybrid products such as a bottled juice, this means that you will have a clear understanding about all manufacturing data from the juice to the bottle.

The most important thing is that you can manage engineering change request (ECR) and engineering change order (ECO) through the same data source. ECR and ECO can be documented in each stage and major events and status codes defined by yourself can be used to track progress. The online approval workflow with follow-up and / or parallel notifications and full ECR and ECO detail drilling capability can eliminate unnecessary delays.


Production Scheduling

The complexity of production scheduling increases over time which requires enterprises to have advanced solver. Enterprises can use a breakthrough technology to overcome this challenge. This technology not only meets the enterprise's current needs for production schedule, but also adds an advanced solution which provides powerful business scheduling method based on constraints. Constraint-based scheduling products can solve complex and decentralized scheduling problems immediately.


Solution: Intuitive and rational plan

The Production scheduling software of Elitesland’s manufacturing solutions suits realistic workshop situations.
Powerful real-time logic function maintains coordination to draft a reasonable production plan from time to time through optimal production sequence and quantity as well as production capacity from various production lines. In addition, the production-scheduling software also takes into account the production progress, the production capacity, the production line capability, the complete transition time, the workshop calendar, and other production scheduling related information.

Different from traditional production planning system, the Production-scheduling software of Elitesland’s manufacturing solution considers many factors and constraints affecting the production of enterprises. Then it adjusts the business plan accordingly. The Production-scheduling software of Elitesland’s manufacturing solution is designed to meet the diverse needs of tactical production planning and executive layer scheduling. It can also solve the production problems and maximize supply chain efficiencies.


Adapt to change

The Production-scheduling software of Elitesland’s manufacturing solution allows enterprises to open up new business ideas and implement them promptly. Enterprises can generate and evaluate customized "what if" scenarios to help them identify potential dangers before the actual implementation of certain changes. Enterprises can also benefit from the use of network planning because Internet collaboration management software supports enterprises to deploy their production scheduling via the Internet.


Return on Investment: Simplify production processes, improve business management

The shorter the business planning cycle, the faster the production scheduling can be used. The production scheduling software simplifies the production supply chain optimization process while taking into account the business constraints and cost of enterprises. This means that enterprises can dramatically reduce inventory, and provide the right products at the right time and place to improve customer service


Technical and mathematical methods applied to the scheduling

Constraint-based scheduling has powerful scheduling functions. Communication is a very effective method for making scheduling decisions. However, although this method can find a workable solution, it usually takes too much time, especially when solving complex problems.

In order to solve these common problems, the Production-scheduling software of Elitesland’s manufacturing solution uses a powerful technology called constraint-oriented search (CDS). It takes advantage of constraint-based technologies and, in the meanwhile, it will not result in wrong decisions related to performance issues and speculations.

Elitesland’s manufacturing solution provides production planning with an independent module focused on process manufacturing. In addition, the module has fully integrated into other management software of Elitesland’s manufacturing solution.