Solutions for O2O Omni-channel Retail



The Omni-channel Retail Solutions for O2O

With the emergence of mobile Internet, the use of smart phones has changed the conventional business structures and introduced new business scenarios. The overall purchase process for consumers has drastically changed as consumers now use multiple methods for shopping at different places. These changes in consumer patterns mark the beginning of the third retail industrial revolution.

The omnie-channel strategy focuses on the consumers and establishes contact with customers through multiple marketing channels, enabling them to have the same shopping experience via different channels such as stores, websites and mobile terminals. This has put forward a new challenge for the business capabilities of enterprises. More specifically, it imposes new requirements on how to set up enterprise information systems. The internal system needs to be rigorous, standardized, centralized, integrated, traceable and deeply developed, and thhe external system needs to be innovative, flexible, open-ended, highly concurrent and extensible.

Based on retail trends and revolutions of the new era, Elitesland has helped many enterprises in dire needs of transformation set up a new generation of information systems which meet the requirement of omni-channel retail, such as the famous food brand Spicy Spirit. Elitesland has helped Spicy Spirit achieve management integration in its Beijing and Shanghai branches in order to enhance the accuracy of production planning and establish comprehensive and collaborative supply chain management systems.  At the same time, in collaboration with Spicy Spirit's O2O omni-retailing strategic landing, Elitesland has helped Spicy Spirit formulate a more efficient take-out process, and construct a customer service center managment system and distribution managment system. In 2016, the Spicy Spirit's take-out business is still expanding,and it is believed that the O2O business will become a strategic milestone for the brand transformation of ‘Spicy Spirit’. Now Elitesland is helping more and more retail enterprises transform towards the O2O omni-channel and it is believed that this battle of transformation will become the opportunity for the retail industry to break through again.


The Challenges Enterprises are Facing

How should enterprises efficiently complete the deployment and construction of online customer acquisition channels such as e-commerce sites, enterprise-class apps and WeChat applications in the fastest way?

How should enterprises efficienctly distribute the related information for the hundreds of promotional products to consumers?

With omni-channel promotional activities, how should enterprises deliver this message synchronously to the mobile terminals?

How should enterprises establish a unified membership system and achieve omni-channel membership expansion and management at the group level?

How should enterprises help customers find the nearest stores, desired products, promotional products, favored products, and products recommended by friends?

How should enterprises establish a unified marketing management system and achieve omni-channel marketing strategy step by step?

How should enterprises display unified product image and product information via different customer acquisition channels?

How should enterprises gradually achieve multi-channel circulating supervision for a singular product?

How should enterprises optimize warehousing, distribution and supply chain to avoid shortage?

How should enterprises further standardize the supplier management system?

How should enterprises dispatch all orders in less than half an hour?



The Project Value



Membership Management

Eliteland's solutions provide an information database for both online and offline members that can centrally manage members’ information, classification and discount policies. The solutions contain a membership credits management module, member lifecycle management program, cross-industry alliance integration program, and other components. It also takes into account the differences among departments, regions and brands to achieve omni-channel expansion and unified management of members at the group level. Improving the efficiency of multi-channel management and optimizing the user experience can effectively improve the loyalty of members.


Item Management

Elitesland's solutions can also help enterprises centrally and uniformaly manage item database and achieve consistent item displays across multiple online and offline-channels. The solutions can improve enterprise efficiency so that when the item is first launched, it can be used through all channels in order to optimize customer experience and satisfy the different preferences of different channels.

Through the QR code traceability management, every item source, lot, receipt time, store shelf time, sales time and inventory expire time is strictly controlled to insure the completion of the entire item tracing circulation process and achieve the management of purchase, sale, adjustment, inventory for singular items. This will improve the operational efficiency and guarantee the item source and safety at the same time.


Omni-channel Order Receiving Capability

With the application of an advanced and mature framework, enterprises can set up the B2C online trading platform based on PC terminals and mobile terminals, which significantly increase the number of online consumer acquisition channels.


Supplier Management

By setting up the B2B e-commerce collaborative platform, Elitesland's solutions support modules including item information import, item catalogue, price, credit management, shopping cart order management, account checking, billing collection management, after-sales service, etc. in order to complete the electronic collaboration with suppliers, enhance the experience of suppliers, and strengthen the communication and efficiency between enterprises and suppliers.


Marketing Management

Through establishing a unified management platform of promotions and coupons, enterprises are able to uniformly set discount rules in the background and publish them to stores, call centers, online stores and mobile marketing platforms, which assists the fulfillment of the omni-channel marketing strategy and enhances the allocation of whole-channel marketing resources.


Payment Management

Elitesland's solutions provide the complete integration of multiple online and offline payment methods, which opens up the whole-channel payment experience.


Order Processing and Logistics Distribution

Elitesland's solutions can unify information platforms, integrate phone sales from call centers, online orders, store retails and other multi-channel order receiving, distribution and payment tracking from self-owned online stores and third-party platform stores which support multiple logistic methods. It focuses on the best shopping experience to meet the personalized requirements of customers and maintain profitability at the same time.