Cost control management system



Product overview

Elitesland cost control management system is a scientific management system based on the premise of meeting the requirements of project quality and its time limit. As for the costs in the course of the project, the system makes full use of effective planning, organizing, controlling and coordinating activities to achieve a predetermined goal, and reduce the cost as low as possible in order to produce the target profit and create a good economic benefit.

The product provides financial budget and planning for the enterprise so that the enterprise could self-monitor, self-control and self-management, bringing the following advantages to clients:

●Incorporating the company's objectives, strategies and plans from business to financial integrated budget models.
●A flexible budget approval process with implementation of general interface tools and integration of real data.
●Multidimensional database makes budget analysis more timely and accurate. It also uses flexible and rolling budget according to monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual cost.
●Easy user handling and convenient system arrangement


Cost control management system includes the following functions:

● The establishment of relevant basic data
● The expense application / approval
● Voucher processing
● Inquiry report
● The expense types and regulations
● The management of expense budget
● Budget control
● The integration of JDE financial system

Suitable for customers

More and more enterprises have realized the importance of cost control management system, but most of the time, it rarely reaches its intended significant effect. Most companies need the cost control management system to achieve the combination of submitted expense data and budget information in order to reach the integration of business and finance.
The product is suitable for the vast majority of industries and enterprises. For example: Beijing Tong Ren Tang, Chengdu 1919 direct supply of liquor, etc.