The foreign trade import clearance system


Product overview

 With the development of foreign trade enterprises, the customs clearance processing business is getting larger.  The needs for complete IT management are becoming more urgent. The foreign trade import clearance business not only needs to support the ERP system, the price management system and other systems of foreign trade enterprises but also needs to be well integrated with the WMS system.
The foreign trade import clearance system can help our clients achieve the above goals. At the same time, it also supports a variety of customs clearance vouchers, invoices and user-defined printing format.

Clients can also use the following advantages of the product:
● Supports multiple languages, such as Chinese, English, etc.
● Strict data security measures
● Seamless integration with word and excel
● Strong personalization and extendibility
● Use workflow engine drive
● Provide humanized operating interface


The foreign trade import clearance system includes the following functions:

● The management of system Checking Number List

● The management of district transfer

● The management of Inbound invoice contract

● The management of Customs Inspection Port Voucher

● The management of bill of lading


Suitable clients

The Foreign Trade Import clearance system is base on the common usage for enterprises with strong system flexibility and extendibility. It can help enterprises standardize the foreign trade import clearance business process, and improve business efficiency. This product is suitable for all enterprises that has import and export businesses. For example, the Yum! Brands, Inc. , the Invitrogen Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., etc.