Oracle JDE Financial Localization Project Package



 Oracle JDE Financial Localization Project Package

 Product Overview

The Chinese government has special requirements on accounting voucher print format and accounting report format for corporate finance. In addition, China has its own official tax system controlling the tax of sales invoice called the Golden Tax System. It administrates enterprises’ invoice given to their customers. This is a huge challenge for enterprises who use foreign ERP systems such as JD Edwards.

In order to meet customers’ needs of localization (especially financial localization), a set of financial localization software package applicable to Chinese enterprises has been developed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. This software package has the following convenience and advantages for enterprises:

>The PDF vouchers, meeting Chinese voucher format requirements, can be directly printed and bound, thus reducing customized development.
>The special voucher numbers and the monthly financial voucher numbers can solve voucher number malposition problem caused by prefabricated vouchers and other issues.
>The special steps for calculating monthly balance called the Balance Carried Forward(BCF) method is more similar with Chinese accounting standards compared to the Balance Not Carried Forward(BNCF) method.
>The financial report in PDF format, is in accord with the Account Balance Sheet, the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement and the Cash Flow Statement required by the Chinese accounting standards .

Product features include:
>     Balance Sheet
>     Profit statement
>     Cash flow statement
>     Detailed account
   Account balance sheet
>     Accounting voucher
>     Interface of JDE invoice and the golden tax system
>     JDE system exports interface file, enters the golden tax system then generates VAT invoice.
>    The golden tax system exports a file, then is imported into JDE system in order to associate with the information generated.


Suitable clients

Any need to carry out their business from a variety of enterprises in mainland China (not including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) are all suitable to the golden tax system.