Oracle JDE overall function module



Oracle JDE overall function module

Oracle JDE is a software suite for business management specific to particular industries with comprehensive functions. It is the ideal solution for enterprises where it’s necessary to make the best use of limited resources and budget. It also offers flexibility and information visibility with a relative low cost of ownership.

Oracle JDE provides business solutions for enterprises as well as integrated, comprehensive, modular and flexible business technology. Meanwhile, it embraces the advantages of easier deployment, maintenance and utilization.

 JD Edwards Enterprise One provides a single but integrated database. It is effective to transfer affairs and process information in enterprises. With "single information source", which is comprehensive and can be used for all departments in an enterprise, JD Edwards Enterprise One has improved the ability of an enterprise to control its business process. JD Edwards Enterprise One can also lower the cost of implementation and maintenance as it can offer a variety of network configurations, as well as modular and pre-integrated applications. With the help of flexible functions, intuitive interface, and easily accessible information, JD Edwards Enterprise One can make users’ lives much easier. Therefore, they can focus more on handling business, serving clients and solving problems.

When it comes to improving software and services, we listen to the suggestions of experts-our customers. According to them, the software should be simplified and the implementation cost should be reduced. JD Edwards Enterprise One offers enterprises a single database and pre-integrated management software so that enterprises can reach the solution as soon as possible. In addition, JD Edwards Enterprise One is much easier to maintain. What’s more, our customers wish to have a quick access to various information. They want to control the business process, even to adjust the business process when necessary without the help of programmers. Moreover, they want to obtain functionalities which are designed particularly and specifically for their industries rather than a general solution. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we developed Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One. Its accessibility, flexibility and functionalities enables users to do what they need to do.

The entire module function list of Oracle JDE

 ●Financial management system     Human resource management system     Sales management system

Advanced warehouse management system     Equipment management system     Project management

Inventory management system    Quality management module     Service management module

Procurement management system     Customer relationship management system     Requirement and production planning

System module     ●Production management system     Commercial estate management system     Transportation management system

Range of Application

 Oracle JDE provides specific functions for enterprises so that they can face the certain challenges in the market. Enterprises do not need to adjust solutions to meet the needs of their industries. Oracle JDE applies to a variety of industries, such as manufacturing industry, food and beverage industry, agriculture and animal husbandry industry, large distribution industry, and real estate industry, etc.