Membership Management System


Membership Management System

Membership Management System is used to effectively manage the members of enterprises. Membership Management System is an indispensable tool which provides reliable market research data for the product development and career advancement of enterprises.

Membership management system can give enterprises a lot of advantages, such as:

To establish long-term stable consumer market

To cultivate a large amount of brand loyalists

To strengthen communications between enterprises and members in order to better the product

To improve new product development abilities and service capabilities

The firsthand information on market consumption

To maintain new customers, hold on to old customers and constantly expand business scale

Member management system includes the following main functions:

  • 1. The management of members’ basic information
  • 2. The management of membership cards
  • 3. The management of members’ level / category
  • 4. The management of potential members
  • 5. The inquiry of membership transaction histories
  • 6. Membership reward points accumulation / usage
  • 7. The inquiry of membership reward points histories
  • 8.  Membership reward points payments
  • 9.  Membership reward points redeeming gifts
  • 10. The management of membership promotions
  • 11.The management of membership freezes and extensions
  • 12. The management of membership discounts
  • 13. The management of comprehensive member communications (manual telephone, mail, WeChat, SMS, etc.)
  • 14. The management of member care
  • 15. Precise marketing
  • 16. Profit analysis
  • 17. The management of membership experience
  • 18. The analysis of members’ RFM model
  • 19. The management of dormant members
  • 20. The management of members’ money


Suitable clients

Member management system, electronic business platform, etc.