Congratulations! Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment CO., LTD. Successfully Holds ERP Project Initiation Meeting

On June 28th, Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment CO., LTD, a subsidiary enterprise to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, successfully held its ERP project initiation meeting. Attendants of the initiation meeting include the Chairman of Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment Mr. Zhu, Foreign Chairman of Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment Mr. DeFeo, Financial Director Mr. Wang, and representatives from key departments of Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment ERP project. Vice President of Elitesland Mr. Xu, Senior Service Director Mr. Jin, Project Center Vice General Management Mr. Xiao, and representatives of the project team also attended this initiation meeting on behalf of Elitesland.

During the initiation meeting, Mr. Zhu, Chairman of Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment, affirmed the significant impact this implementation will have on the enterprise management level of Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment. Mr. Zhu stated, “We must let representatives of each value stream directly experience the benefits of regularly running this system and completely excavate and utilize the potential of this information system.” Mr. Zhu, on behalf of Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment executives, fully supports this ERP project and has rearranged Fiorentini to provide further support for Elitesland’s efforts, assuring that the project will launch on time next year.

Mr. DeFeo, the Foreign Chairman of Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment stated that the Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment aspires to enhance the skills of its employees, reduce the number of operations on paper, simplify the business process through launching this ERP program. Mr. DeFeo stated, “All employees partaking a management position must collaboratively contribute to the implementation of the ERP system. Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment’s objective is not to increase the number of its employees but to increase efficiency and productivity with its current level of employment.”

Mr. Wang, the Financial Director of Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment moderated the project initiation meeting and expressed high expectations for this project. Mr. Lu, the General Manager of standard value flow also indicated that he will excel at spearheading the implementation of the ERP program, successfully complete phase one of the training operation, and lead the business segment to fully support Elitesland’s project team.

Mr. Shi, the Project Manager, hopes to diagnose the current content of value stream systems (integrated business value stream, product business value stream, value-added services value stream) and devise a clear, specific, reasonable, and practical solution to improve the value stream systems through the implementation of the ERP system. Furthermore, Mr. Shi believes that the ERP system will improve the interconnectedness of information, to achieve a management accounting ERP model that is based on the guidance of Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment’s value streams.

Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment’s selection of ERP modules and invitation for bids were both carried out with immense cautiousness. Upon evaluating Kingdee, Yonyou, SAP, Oracle EBS, Oracle JDE and many other products, Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment ultimately decided on Oracle JDE. Oracle JDE stood out from all the other modules because Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment is currently in a period of rapid development, and dealing with complex and extensive businesses. Oralce JDE is thus the unparalleled option for satisfying Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment’s current demands. Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment chose Elitesland as its implementer not only because it is the most experience in implementing Oracle JDE in China, has the largest implementation consultant team, and many previously successful cases in dealing with the manufacturing industry, but also because it has the ability to help Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment organize and enhance its business process and improve business management efficiency.

During the module selection and bidding invitation, Elitesland and Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment have significantly enhanced their understanding of each other, and established a mutual trust relationship that will undoubtedly serve as a firm foundation for collaboration. Elitesland is confident that it will be able to construct a strong ERP system for Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment in the next few years and believes that the Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment project will epitomize the capability and standard of Elitesleand’s services when dealing with the manufacturing industry.


Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment CO., LTD.


Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment CO., LTD. was established in May, 1955, and its formation results from the collaborative funding of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and the Italian Enterprise – Pietro Fiorentini. Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment is the first and largest Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise that professionally works on the research, development, design, production, sales, and technical support for gas regulation systems and corresponding devices.

Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment is decoted to providing comprehensive solutions for integrated gas regulation technology and gas transmission and distribution. Its product line includes:

Integrated pressure reducing system: gas reducing & metering stations, medium-high pressure city gates, compressed natural gas reducing stations, and two-stage reducing stations, etc.;

Pressure vessels: filters, filtering separators, cyclone separators, heat exchangers, water bath heaters, insulating joints, and pig launching equipment, etc.;

Monitoring system: gas management information system, SCADA gas distribution monitoring system, station-control system, etc.;

Valves: pressure regulators, slam-shut valves, flow control valves, ball valves and butterfly valves, etc.;

Measuring products: gas turbine meters, orifice meters, volume corrector, flow computer, etc.

Shanghai Aerospace and Aerospace Energy 


Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, which is one of the most important part of Chinese Aerospace Industry, was established on August 1st 1961. Aerospace products include tactical missiles, launch vehicles, application satellites, and manned spacecrafts. Civil products business refers to spare parts of automobile, office automation equipment, electro-mechanical products, real estates, property management, import & export trade. Furthermore, Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology processes 17 research institutes, 20 kinds of civil products and 1 listed company.

Shanghai Aerospace Energy Co.Ltd. (SAE), directed by Shanghai Aerospace, was estabished in 1993. Based on the environmental protection and energy industry, it is a multi-industry and diverse Group Company that commits itself to workings on research, development, manufacture, sales and service for gas energy operation technology and equipment. The products include PE pipes, CNG/LPG gas filling station, heating power and cooling co-generation system, cars filled with hydrogen energy, “863”projects, Gas power plant etc. Our products and projects have wide applications in gas, petrol, transportation and municipal construction at home and abroad. 

Pietro Fiorentini


Pietro Fiorentini was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1940. It is one of the largest R&D and manufacture Groups for natural gas and no-corrosive gas reducing and metering equipment in the world. Seventeen solo or joint venture companies, and sales & service networks spread over more than 80 countries on five continents. Its R&D Center is located in Vicenza, and is one of the most advanced R&D institutes of regulator technology in the world.

Shanghai Elitesland Software System CO., LTD.


Elitesland is a professional management consulting enterprise that provides comprehensive information solution for enterprises and is a Platinum Partner of Oracle, which is one of the top global business solution suppliers. Elitesland provides information strategic planning, enterprise process re-engineering and professional services of information system construction to build an advanced and efficient business information management platform. Elitesland is a certified software enterprise with national certifications and is also a public high-tech enterprise, which has been listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations since 2014.

Elitesland provides full information solution which covers consultancy and construction service for Oracle ERP, Supply Chain Integration Platform, Elitesland Omni-Channel Retail O2O, big data Analysis, CRM, Mobile Portals, E-commerce, Kronos Lean Workforce Management, Java, Mobile Development. Elitesland specializes in Omni-Channel retail O2O, large distribution, industrial production, commercial real estate, medical and pharmaceutical, agriculture and animal husbandry and other fields. The representative customers of Elitesland are KFC, RRS.COM, TRT Health, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, Beijing Capital Land, Shengtong Printing, and other enterprises from a variety of industries.