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Elitesland has years of experience in consultation and implementation of enterprise IT planning, and has helped many enterprises successfully complete the construction of the information platform. Elitesland provides financial decision support analysis, business problem solutions, overall industry solutions, and assistance for resource integration, financial integration, department collaboration, whole-business process management and cost control for enterprises. Specific services include:

● Application Framework Planning: Construction of enterprise management and operation framework based on enterprise resource and operation mode;
● Data Architecture Planning: Construction of big data platform for enterprises to provide decision-making support based on current situation of enterprise information;
● Infrastructure Planning: Construction of hardware and network architecture, and implementation of hardware planning, installation, debugging, and integration services based on the enterprise status and future development planning;
● Organization Structure Design: Development of organization structure that conforms to the enterprise management thought and defines the relationship between the rights, responsibilities, and gains;
● IT Implementation Plan: Determination of the implementation the path and method of IT construction, development of action plan in the near future;
● IT Investment Budget: Estimation of the feasibility of each corresponding input-output system for each stage of information system construction.

In order to achieve a breakthrough in the key indicators of performance measurement, such as quality control, efficiency improvement, cost control, and profit analysis. Elitesland is devoted to clarifying and filtering out the most suitable process for enterprises. The services include the organization, perfection and improvement of the existing work processes. JDE products have high configurable properties, so the business process optimization becomes easier to carry out

As the implementers of Oracle ERP, Elitesland has focused on the field of enterprise information construction for more than ten years. Elitesland also provides information strategic guidance and planning, enterprise arranging process consultation, professional services for information system construction, and the creation of an advanced and efficient information management platform. Our Services involve process combing, process optimization, process landing, knowledge transfer, IT scenario planning, system implementation, secondary process optimization. Our consultation is feasible, executable, observable.
The implementation method of Elitesland can be divided into 6 stages, 7+1 channels, 140+ activities, 80+ outputs, which ensure an orderly process of promoting the project implementation. Elitesland rigorous implementation method is a strong guarantee for the success of the online project.
Elitesland specializes in Pan-Channel retail O2O, Oita Sales and Industrial Production, Commercial Real Estate, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Agricultural and other fields. Kentucky, Haier Shun, Tongrentang Chinese Medicine, Yangtze River pharmaceutical, Capital Land, Cooper Tire, Shengtong Printing are among Elitesland’s representative customers.

Elitesland is a professional management consultant firm that provides enterprises total information system solution. As Oracle’s Platinum Partner, one of the top three global business solution suppliers, Elitesland provides overall information system solutions covering Oracle ERP, Supply Chain Integration Platform, Elitesland Omni-Channel Retail O2O, Data Analysis, CRM, Mobile Portals, E-commerce, Kronos Lean Workforce Management, Java, and Mobile Development, such as consulting and construction services. The effective construction of big data platform allows the enterprise to operate orderly on the information platform, rendering information technology an important support for the data sources of the enterprise decision. 

Different enterprises have different industry characteristics in many aspects such as management and operation that cannot be completely satisfied by using the existing information platform. In order to meet the operation needs of enterprises, custom development is necessary. Elitesland has customized numerous information platforms for a variety of enterprises. For system construction, Elitesland’s past developments include but are not limited to official mail websites, the third party electronic business platforms, mobile terminals, logistics WMS data dockings, POS data access points, OA data transfers, GPS related systems, bank-corporate direct connection systems, and tax control systems. For special feature construction, Elitesland’s past developments include but are not limited to office export sales platform for employees, replenishment distribution platforms, and distribution management platforms. The aforementioned developments all indicate that Elitesland has extensive experience in the development of information systems.

With the rapid development of the Internet and computer technology, mobile intelligent terminal already has a strong processing ability. Mobile terminal changes is currently transforming from a simple call tool to a comprehensive information processing platform that can be used at any place and any time. To ensure the unobstructed flow of resources within enterprises, Elitesland has developed a mobile phone terminal function to collect and sort supply chain information for suppliers and distributors. To achieve efficient operation of enterprise internal personnel, Elitesland has developed a customized application that can check information, process tasks, gather information and do other tasks for the sales and marketing staff. Elitesland’s solution center also provides on-site software management, and product development and resource integration for hardware.

With the increasing importance of information technology in an enterprise, system integration gradually becomes the bottleneck of business expansion. Elitesland has many years of practical experience and a strong middleware implementation team. Based the existing business processes and architecture of enterprises, Elitesland can implement the middleware products and open up data and business barriers between different enterprise applications. With compactly integrated resources, Elitesland can maximize the automation of enterprises, and reduce the cost of enterprise management.

Elitesland offers exceptional after-sale maintenance and service platform. The operation and maintenance team provides 24/7 all encompassing services with the help of hotline, problem tracking systems, emergency telephones, emergency telephone contacts, and other utilities.
Elitesland’s after-sales service center is located in Qingdao. Operation service centers are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen. Elitesland provides localized services to its customers and effectively resolves problems with the power of Elitesland solutions committee, industry and software consultant team, and technology development team.
Our senior consultants visit strategic cooperation customers regularly and are dedicated to optimizing and upgrading the customer system to ensure the smooth running of the customer system.